May 30, 2011


This is an old shot, a favorite of mine.  I still show it in my portfolio.  I was shooting in a recording studio,  the assignment was for advertising images for the studio to use in magazines.  This was before the internet and magazine ads were crucial to getting your message out.  This was shot on film, of course.  I had gone through the clients shot list, Polaroids had been approved, and we were packed up and ready to leave.  Then I noticed this microphone set up on a stand in a corner.  I thought it looked great, I asked if it would be alright to shoot some more and the client agreed.  I set this up in front of the piano and lit it.  It turned out that this was a special microphone, expensive and unusual to have at the time.  This photo was the clients clear favorite and they used it in an ad campaign that ran for over a year.