September 19, 2011


This is a great example of the kind of executive portraits I like to do.  It is environmental, showing a dramatic setting of a computer screen and equipment.  Without knowing anything about who this is, you certainly get a very definite idea about what his business is.
This is a photograph of Bob Parsons aka GoDaddy.  The way I heard the story, he made a zillion bucks in some business, retired, got bored, and started GoDaddy for something to do.  Made another zillion bucks and some great Super Bowl commercials.  An impressive man and a busy guy, I had fifteen minutes to make this photo.  I spotted this equipment in a tiny room, quickly set up a light, sat him down, shot enough to get a good expression and he was gone.  I learned to work quickly from years of experience as a photojournalist shooting features for magazines.