March 18, 2012

Arizona Centennial

This year, Arizona is celebrating it's centennial anniversary of statehood.  In conjunction with this, Arizona Highways magazine enlisted the help of local photographers to commemorate the centennial by asking us to make photos on the anniversary date that Arizona was admitted to the Union, February 14, 1912.  A photograph that showed off Arizona.  This is my effort.

What you are seeing is a commuter train station in downtown Phoenix. The commuter train is very new addition and a major commitment to public transportation in the city.  The sculpture has no title as far as I know, I refer to it as the Stone Ring.  An interesting piece which I had been looking at and tried to photograph before without success.  It was not until this assignment, which came through the Arizona chapter of the ASMP, that  I knew how to put this together.  By the way the primary colors in this photograph are the colors of the Arizona state flag.

As  a side note, behind that train, is a parking lot where my wife is sitting in my car, while I am waiting for the light to be just right, she is waiting ...

for a couple of hours ...

I am taking her out to dinner, after all it is Valentine's Day.

She's a keeper.